Kilsaran Rustic Driveway Dublin

Here we have another driveway undertaken by Active Paving. The original entrance to the house had no driveway. It had a block paving path leading to the house entrance which was many years old. It had a lawn to the left of the pathway and an old wall to the front of the entrance.Active Paving removed all the existing area. Digging out the lawn, removing the old paving and entirely removing the wall to the front. The dividing wall separating the area from the neighbours was removed as well. Once we had removed all of these, we based it with a type a hardcore. We inserted a new diving wall with a more stylish wall and added two new pillars to the entrance of the new driveway area. We roll vibrated the new area to make sure we would have no subsidence. We inserted a membrane over the driveway to ensure no weed growth would occur and we spread sand across the entire area. A new flowerbed with a curving edge was installed along the dividing wall using a charcoal brick on edge to act as a restraint. We set out screeds to the exact water flow levels needed and screeded the sand for a smooth surface to lay the blocks down on. Once we had inserted the paving, we cut any open edges, spread kiln dried sand into the joints and compacted the entire new driveway.

We used a Kilsaran Lismore paving block. The colour was rustic The border was a Kilsaran Lismore block that was charcoal in colour.

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